Cappadocia E-pass Frequently Asked Questions

You can find most of the answers of your questions at below. For other questions, we are ready to assist.


  • What are the benefits of Cappadocia E-pass?

    Cappadocia E-pass is a digital city pass that covers the top attractions and museums in Cappadocia. It's the best and cheapest way to explore the whole Cappadocia region. A fully digital pass makes your trip easier and more efficient by saving time and money. It includes guided tours, entry tickets, and other activities. A digital guidebook will also be available upon purchase. You can find all the necessary information about attractions and the city. One of the most important benefits of the Cappadocia E-pass is customer support. Our team is ready to assist you at any time. Discover Cappadocia with us now.

  • Is there any benefits buying the pass in advance?

    Yes, there is. You will be able to make your visit plan and make necessary reservations for the required attractions if you buy in advance. If you purchase it at the last minute, you can still plan, of course. Our support team is ready to assist you with your visit plans via WhatsApp.

  • How much can I save with Cappadocia E-pass?

    You can save up to 70% with the Cappadocia E-pass. It depends on your time in Cappadocia and the attractions you use. Even the main attraction visits will make you save. Please check out our Plan & Save page. It will help you make the best plan. If you have any questions or need assistance with your itinerary, you can always contact the customer support team and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Which pass should I choose for best saving?

    If you are staying in Cappadocia for 7 days, the best option is the 7 Days Cappadocia E-pass. You should choose the same day of your stay in Cappadocia for the best possible savings. For all prices, please check the prices page.


  • How does Cappadocia E-pass work?
    1. Choose your E-pass for 2, 3, 5, or 7 Days.
    2. Buy online with your credit card and receive your E-pass to your email address instantly.
    3. Access your account via the management panel and start to manage your E-pass.
    4. There are 3 types of attractions in E-pass. Guided tours, walk-in attractions, and reservation-required attractions. You can view all attractions from the management panel.
  • Is There A Limit To Visit Attraction Per Day?

    No, there is no limit. You can visit unlimited, all attractions included in the E-pass. Each attraction can be visited once per pass.

  • Is there any night activities with Cappadocia E-pass?

    Most of the attractions in the pass are for daytime. Turkish Night and Whirling Dervish Ceremony are some attractions available for nighttime.

  • How do I activate my pass?
    1. You can activate your pass in two ways.
    2. You can log in to your pass account and choose the starting date. Please do not forget pass counts calendar days, not 24 hours.
    3. You can activate your pass with the first use. When you show your pass to the counter staff or guide, your pass will be admitted, and it will be activated. You can count the days of your pass from activation day.
  • Does Cappadocia E-pass have exclusions?

    All attractions shared in the included list can be used. Some attractions like private airport transfers and hot air balloon rides are discounted offers. You need to pay additionally to use the service. Your advantage is more than 60% off the regular price. Some attractions have upgrades. For example, you can upgrade your Turkish Night tour with dinner by paying the difference.

  • Do I get a physical card?

    No, you will not. Cappadocia E-pass is a fully digital pass and you receive it in a minute to your email address after your purchase. You will receive your E-pass ID with a QR code and manage pass access links. You can easily manage your E-pass from the Cappadocia E-pass customer panel.

  • Can I Use One Pass With My Friend?

    You can order one pass for 2 people under the same E-pass ID. That means when you try to use an attraction, the counter staff will allow you to use it for 2 people. But you can’t use one E-pass assigned to one participant with your friend.

  • Do I Have To Join Guided Tours For Museum Visits? Can I Do Myself?

    Some museums belonging to the government are not providing digital tickets. That is why Cappadocia E-pass is offering guided tours with tickets for these attractions. You need to meet with a guide at the meeting point and time to join. After you are in, you don’t have to stay with a guide. You are free to visit by yourself. Cappadocia E-pass guides are professional and knowledgeable, we recommend you stay and listen to the history from them. Please check the attractions for tour times.

Validity Of Pass

  • How should I count days of pass, hours or calendar days?

    Cappadocia E-pass counts calendar days. Calendar days are the count of the pass not 24 hours for one day. For example; if you have a 3 days pass and activated it on Tuesday, it will be expire on Thursday at 23:59. Pass can be used only on consecutive days.

  • How long is Cappadocia E-pass valid for?

    Cappadocia E-pass is available for 2, 3, 5, and 7 days. Pass duration starts with your first activation or by choosing from the manage panel and counts the number of days you pick.

  • Are the passes for consecutive days?

    Yes, they are. If you have 3 days pass and activate it 14th day of the month, you can use it 1st, 2nd, and 3rd days of the mount. It will be expired on the 16th at 23:59.




  • Do I need to make reservation before visiting the attractions?

    Some attractions must be reserved in advance like Turkish Night, Horse and ATV rides, or Hot Air Balloon Rides. You need to make your reservation from your E-pass account which is very easy to handle. The supplier will send you a confirmation with a pick-up time. When you meet show your E-pass (QR code) to the staff. It is done. Enjoy. :)

  • Do I need to make reservation for guided tours?

    Some attractions in E-pass are guided tours. You need to meet with guides at the meeting point at the meeting time. You can find the meeting time and point in each attraction's explanation. At meeting points, the guide will hold the Cappadocia E-pass flag. Show your E-pass (QR code) to the guide and get in.

  • How many days before can I make reservation for required attractions?

    You can make your reservation 24 hours before the date you plan to use. For the hot air balloon ride, we highly suggest making reservations at least 72 hours before since space is limited and balloon rides are very popular in Cappadocia.

  • Will I get confirmation after I make the reservation?

    Your reservation will be shared with our supplier. The supplier will send you a confirmation email. If there is a pick-up service, also pick-up time will be shared in the confirmation email. You need to be ready at the meeting time in the lobby of your hotel.

  • How can I make reservation for required attractions?

    With your E-pass confirmation, we send you an access link to manage the pass panel. You need to click "book" and fill out the form which asks hotel name, and date of the tour you want and send the form. It is done, the supplier will send you a confirmation email in 24 hours.

Cancellation & Refund & Amendment

  • Can I get refund? What happens if I can’t travel to Cappadocia on the date I choose?

    Cappadocia E-pass can be used 2 years after purchase, and also can be canceled in 2 years. You can use your E-pass on the date you travel. It is activated only with first use or by the starting date assigned by you from the management panel.

  • Can I get my Money back if I can’t use pass fully?

    Cappadocia E-pass guarantees to save during your Cappadocia visit from what you paid to pass compared with admission prices of attractions.

    You may feel tired and can’t visit as many attractions as you plan before you buy the pass or you may miss the open time of an attraction or you couldn’t be on time for a guided tour and can’t join. Or you just visit 2 attractions and don’t want to visit others.

    We only calculate the entrance gate prices of the attractions you used which are shared on our attractions page. If it is less than what you paid to use we will refund the rest amount back in 4 business days after your application.

    Please do not forget the reserved attractions must be canceled a minimum of 24 hours before for not to be counted as used.

  • I will not come to Cappadocia, Can I give my pass to my friend?

    Yes, you can. You need to contact the customer support team. Our team will change the pass owner details immediately and it will be ready to use.

Buying Online

Digital Pass

  • How does Cappadocia E-pass App work?

    Download Cappadocia E-pass App from Google Play Store or Apple Store
    Click My E-pass and enter your E-pass ID.
    All attractions and reservations can be arranged from the app after logging in.


  • I lost my confirmation email. How can I access to my pass account?

    Please contact the customer support team. We will send your confirmation email to your email address again.

  • Is it enough to show my confirmation email to enter attractions?

    On confirmation email, you will receive an access link to the E-pass customer panel where you can see the QR code(s) and E-pass ID. You can use it to access attractions. For some attractions that required reservation, you need to make a reservation via the E-pass customer panel.

  • Should I print my pass?

    You don’t need to print it. Your E-pass customer page will be enough to use. If you will not have internet, you can take a screenshot or print your E-pass (QR code(s).