Extend your Cappadocia E-pass

Cappadocia E-pass can be extended after purchase.

Changing the date of travel

Cappadocia E-pass is valid 2 years after purchase. You can set your start date any date you want and change it 24 hours before it starts. Only thing you need to cancel the attractions you reserved. Cappadocia E-pass customer support will be happy to assist you for changes. It is enough to email or send a message via whatsapp.

Changing the validation of pass

Cappadocia E-pass can be purchased 2, 3, 4, and 5 days options.You purhase 2 days and then want to continue for third day. No worries, you can extend just with paying diffence. You can send a message via whatsapp or email that our team will assist you to extend. Extension can be done only before E-pass expired. After expired, you will need to purchase new E-pass.
If you want to reduce your validation days, you can contact the customer support team. The team will check your pass and refund the amount if you use fewer days than you buy. Pass days count only consecutive days. For example, you purchase 3 days pass and use it on Monday and Wednesday, which means it has used 3 days.